What to Expect

New visitors are always welcome. No prior knowledge about Tendai Buddhism or meditation is required.

All of our services are open to the public. Everyone is welcome participate in any activities. Please review our Temple Etiquette guide.

If you can arrive about 15 minutes early before an in-person service, please help with setting up. At the end, help packing up would be appreciated.

Sutra Service

Our puja service scheduled on Sundays has an emphasis on the Tendai Daily Service (nichijou gongyo) liturgy chanting. Most of it will be recited in English with a few transliterated parts in Japanese and Sanskrit. The Sutra chanting, usually the Heart Sutra or a chapter of the Lotus Sutra, will be in English translation. This service creates a sacred space conducive to mindfulness that will enable greater focus during the Shikan (śamatha and vipaśyanā) meditation that follows. You can choose to sit on a zafu meditation cushion (on top of a zabuton floor cushion), use a seiza bench, or on a chair.

Usually on the first Sunday each month, we will do circumambulating Nembutsu (walking meditation chanting the name of Amida Buddha) as part of the shikan meditation.

Two bell rings indicate the end of a shikan (meditation) period; hyoshigi (wooden clappers) are used to indicate a new activity during the shikan period (kinhin, kan period, nembutsu, etc).

We conclude the service with a Dharma talk and announcements. You are welcome to stay after for informal Sangha time (usually with tea and snacks/cookies).