Temple Etiquette

Etiquette is an important practice in itself that sets a tone and mindset of all those present.
We kindly ask attendees follow these simple etiquette rules while visiting us. Also if you can, please help in fastidiousnesss with set up before and after the service.

What to wear

For comfort, we advise you wear loose fitting clothing that you are able to sit in for long periods. Casual clothes are fine, preferably muted colors without large writing or busy designs, modest not too revealing, clean without strong scents. You are welcome to wear meditation clothing (samue or similar) or a Dharma robe (wagesa/kesa etc) if you have any.

Etiquette while in the practice space

  • Always remove your shoes before stepping onto the wood floor of the hondo's ("main hall") practice space. By the door is a shoe rack where you may take off and leave your shoes.
  • A common gesture to greet anyone or sacred items is by bowing. 

  • Gasshogassho_small.jpg(palms together in front of your heart) and bow to the room upon entering the dojo ("place of the path").

  • To be respectful of Dharma materials such Buddha images, Sutra texts, and service booklets, avoid placing them directly on the floor or stepping over them.

  • Please keep cell phones and electronics in silent mode during the service.
  • When leaving your seat, stand up, gassho and bow to the person across from you. Step toward the middle of the room, then bow to the honzon (main Buddha image).
  • When passing the honzon, stop to face the Buddha image, gassho and bow, then continue to walk past.

  • When leaving the room, gassho and bow to the room before exiting.
  • A bowl for dana (practice of generosity) will be in the back of the room near the entrance. You may also donate online. Any donation will be gratefully accepted to sustain running the temple. While all clergy and lay leaders are unpaid volunteers, we have expenses of studio rent, insurance, and online service fees.